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About Press Run

Press Run is a public relations agency that helps business owners and brands create remarkable campaigns that will win the hearts and minds of their communities. We also manage talent and help source the right speakers for speaking engagements for them to share their wealth knowledge both in person and online. 

In 2019, we pivoted the business to teach students, entrepreneurs and professionals media literacy and how to do their own PR. As of July 2021, we are excited to share we have now taught 115 people how to do their own PR! *pops champagne bottle* 

We’ve helped clients across the UK, Asia and Australia share their messages across an array of media outlets including online articles, blogs, newsletters, events, TV, radio and podcasts.

At Press Run, we seriously love public relations! We love it so much we want anyone with a story to tell to be able to do it themselves which is why we’ve been teaching our media pitching and PR hacks! We understand that every human being has own brilliant pathway in life and each of us has a story bubbling inside of us. 

We also understand that brands have a responsibility to their customers to uphold their values, create kick ass products and that brands really want to just have a strong, steady, mutual relationships with their customers. 

Our mission is to help our clients to become authorities in their industry by creating remarkable media campaigns with them. This could be through a done-for-you approach or a let’s-learn-together approach. We believe learning media literacy, pitching and developing PR skills are transferable and applicable to many industries. Once you learn how the media works, how to pitch like a boss and give good phone you’ll walk through life with white skirt on a rainy day confidence, everyday. 

Let’s get started now! Email us at hello@pressrun.com.au or fill in the contact us form to get in touch with us today! 

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